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Centre Qualifiers for Region 6 carnival

Attached is your centres automatic & additional qualifiers list.

I have taken the Region list of qualifiers published on the LANSW web site & compared it against our Zone qualifiers & top 8 finishers to calculate the additional qualifiers.

The sheet called "Athletes in each Event" is a summary of the number of athletes by M/F & age group that will participate at Region eg this is the size of events.

The sheets labelled with your centre name contains a list of your athletes by event in which they have qualified through to Region. The numbers in the brackets at the top of the row eg (1), (2) ...(8) etc. & is highlighted in yellow is their finishing position from our Zone. I do not have an overall ranking within our Region as we don't have a combined DB yet.

The last sheet "Summary for Our Zone" is a summary of our centres, where is shows the number of additional events that our athletes have qualified through to Region in.

Many thanks to Simon from Winston Hills centre for compiling this for us, and as soon as we have any more info we will update this
Updated with the Latest Version with Athlete Totals

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